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Technical and technological assistance

The services we provide ensure an improvement in the management and production of the company , focusing, not only on what can be done with technology, but also on what the company can do with this technology at their service.

Consulting and specialized services:

  • Representation before health administration
  • Technical support for the start of a food activity, set-up of production lines, etc.
  • Preparation of justificatory studies for Quality Denominations: PGI and PDO, and collective marks and guarantee marks.
  • Procedures and export requirements to other countries
  • Assistance in the integral management of company records. (Sanitary registration)
  • consulting to patent or protect developments, intellectual property
  • Resolution of technological incidences in food production
  • Sensory analysis for quality control, market evaluation and product optimization
  • Technical-legislative assistance

Food Security and Audits

  • Implementation of food safety management systems according to Standard UNE-EN-ISO 22000: 2005, FSSC 22,000.
  • Implementation of the BRC and IFS protocols
  • Evaluation and monitoring of traceability systems in food industries
  • Design and implementation of self-control systems based on HACCP methodology.
  • Sanitary Aspects, Traceability, Labeling.
  • Hygienic-sanitary Design for Agrifood Industries.
  • Advice on operational and hygienic design of agri-food facilities: supervision of plans, machinery, process flows, sizing, etc.
    • Functional food products
    • Use of natural antioxidants.
    • Decrease in the use of additives in food, etc.
    • Optimization of pasteurization, sterilization, cooking, drying, smoking, etc. cycle
    • Implementation of new manufacturing technologies.
    • Increase in production yields and product improvement. (organoleptic, shelf life, etc.)


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