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We promote the employment of workers in an increasingly professional society.


From our point of view, training is a strategic objective to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of the business sector in the agri-food sector,as well as to enhance the employability of workers in an increasingly professional society.

Through our training area, we have acquired the commitment to promote the agri-food sector, achieving:

  • Development of professional competences
  • Provide knowledge and skills in the food field
  • Train the staff
  • Increase work efficiency


Characteristics of our training:

  • Training for employment:face-to-face courses with great practical content for the competitive development of active people.The courses are mainly focused on obtaining Professionality certificates,and they are directed primarily for unemployed personnel.

  • Face-to-face courses and specialized technical seminars: training with content adapted to update skills and knowledge for the professional career. This training is aimed primarily at active workers.

  • Training in Company: development of training plans adapted to the needs of companies.


Relying on our experience in other activities, Our training is developed in the following areas of knowledge:

  • Food safety
  • Production
  • Quality in the food industry
  • Agri-food laboratory

All our training programs are developed and taught by experts in the sector