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We have the latest technology in the agri-food sector


On the lowest floor there are three rooms used for training activities, workshops and other events. Besides there are two offices, one store room and locker rooms. Also on the ground floor there is a pilot plant used for innovation projects and practical training. This pilot plant is designed following the regulations and specifications for food companies.

On the first floor there are the laboratory and the offices for the technical and technological advice, administration and management activities. For that purpose, there are two management offices, one administration room and one meeting room.


Our laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment to perform a wide range of food tests:

-  Preparation room of sample

- Chemical laboratory

- Microbiological laboratory

- reagent store.

In addition, it has state-of-the-art equipment in order to improve the quality of our services and be more competitive in the market.

Our pilot plant has technologically advanced machinery, which ASINCAR makes available to companies for the development of new products, processes or any type of innovation that they want to carry out.

You can check all the machinery that we have at your disposal:

Merchandise receiving dock, cutting room, showcase room, brewhouse, meat products processing workshop, kiln (controlled atmosphere) pre-cooked products workshop.

Industrial mincer, piston stuffer, stapler kettle, furnace, Convection oven, vacuum try sealler, kneader, cutter 50l, meat saddle machine, cooling tank, industrial kitchen, Vacuum packaging machine.